Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tata Nano a perfect epitome of frugal engineering

At present Tata Nano is the cheapest car all over the world. And at present each and every big car company is trying to make the frugal engines for their car, frugal engine means that we have to use all the resources very appropriately and and economically, this will save time as well as well energy and also make something new and initiative and this new thing will not just be the waste of time but of course it will offer something of value to the customer.

Tata Nano the cheapest car of the world, it was also the dream car of the Tata group. Not onlyTata group but it was the dream car of consumers as well because this car has accomplished the dream of the cutsomers of owing their personal four wheeler at such a low cost. Tata Nano price ranges around Rs 1.15 lakh to Rs 1.97 lakh this hatchback car of Tata has finally flourished the market of low segment cars, this car was very well successful and after its success in its home country India the Tata group started exporting this car to the different foreign country's also.

The term frugal engineering was basically given by the CEO and Chairman of the company Nissan, this car is basically made for the Indian roads and this was just then used by the Tata automobiles. The company has given us such a good car, Tata Nano which not just looks awesome,but also delivers a decent mileage . The most important point about the frugal engineering is that it makes the the basic requirement at the low cost and saves the excessive expenditure over the car. At present Tata Motors offers various cars in India, some of them are Tata Safari, Tata Manza, Tata Indigo and Tata Aria.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tata Motors to revamp dealer network

Tata Motors is India's largest automobile company and has earned a reputation of eminent and prominent car manufacturer of the country. In terms of sales it stands on the 3rd position in the list. So in order to grab the number one position in the list of sales Tata Motors is planning to rejuvenate the dealership in the country which might help the firm to boost up its sales figure.

Tata Nano
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In the company's 66th yearly report the chairman of Tata Motors, Mr. Ratan Tata reveals the information that Tata Motors is focusing to refurbish its dealership in the country. He also added that the ideas and proposals regarding this are in the process and company will soon implement these ideas in a way to ramp up the market share of Tata Motors. In terms of sales this year is not a good year as the overall growth has been going down which also includes automobile segment. Along with this in the year 2011-12 India and China are likely to post much less growth rates.

Tata Nano
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Tata India has conducted research and found that this downfall in the growth rate will be balanced by revitalizing its dealership network. Tata India plans to use few of its commercial vehicle for the sale of its passenger vehicles apart from exclusive retail outlets for its personal vehicle car like Tata Nano. The main reason for the low sales of Tata cars is the aggressive competition in the Indian automobile market. According to the present sales report of June, the sales of Tata Motors has dropped by 8.53%, which concludes that sales is reduced from 77,858 units to 76,176 units. Tata Motors in collaboration with Jaguar and Land Rover is planning to open more production units not only in India but also in United Kingdom.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tata to use JLR' engines

As per the latest news in Indian Automobile Industry one of the major player in car manufacturing Tata Motors is planning to use the new engines in its future cars. The engine used so far in its future cars will be the same engine used by its British arm in their future cars. Tata Motors has made an investment of Rs 7,300 crore on its research and development program this year. The prime motive of this R and D program by Tata Motors is giving the frame to the thought of manufacturing a engine which is suitable for both British and Indian environment.

Jagura XF
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The manufacturing of engines under the hood of this program will take place for the high models of Tata Motors and entry level models of JLR. This deal would be the first deal of its kind ever made by any company. It is speculated that the engines which are to be manufactured by the Tata Motors will be 4 cylinder and have a capacity less than 2L. It is expected the the mileage offered by these engines would be quite more than the engines used by Tata Motors in their at present cars.

Tata Aria
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At present JLR is infixed with a 8 and 6 cylinder engine which is producing more carbon content in the environment. Now the company is replacing the engine with a 4 cylinder engine because of pressure from the environmentalist. Currently, Tata Motors is getting bigger engines from American Auto biggie Ford Motors and will continue to do so. Speculations are there that with this program Tata Motors is aiming to become a mass constructor of smaller range of engines and reduce the dependency on Ford Motors. With an aim to enhance their international market the two big brands Jaguar and Land Rover is planning to develop a joint platform. At present Land Rover will soon launch its Range Rover Evoque, whereas Jaguar with its cars aims to take on rivals like Audi A4, Mercedes Benz C-class and BMW 3 series.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tata Indica V2 Xeta undergoes a slight change

Recently, a refreshed version of Tata Indica V2 Xeta rechristened as Tata Indica e-Xeta has been launched by India's largest automobile company Tata Motors. Most of the cars launched by the Tata Motors includes the letter e in it viz Tata Indigo e-CS, Tata Indica e-V2. It seems that the company is very fond of this letter e. Tata Motors is continuing its legecy with its new launch of new hatchback Indicae e Xeta. The new Tata Indica e-Xeta reflects the spirit of the current Indica in the way it looks but there have been plenty of changes on the interior and exterior of this new avatar. Earlier the company has made changes to its diesel variant Tata Indica e-V2, which is the most fuel efficient car of India as per Tata Motors.

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Now have a look on the Tata Indica e-V2 features which includes a remote keyless entry, power windows, central locking, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, AUX ports and Fog lamps. Tata Indica e-Xeta is available in four variants with petrol engine named as Tata Indica e-Xeta GL, Tata Indica e-Xeta GLE, Tata Indica e-Xeta GLLS, and Tata Indica e-Xeta GLX. Whereas in two variants with LPG technology namely Tata Indica e-Xeta GLE and Tata Indica e-Xeta GLS.

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Talking about the price of these various variants, starting with petrol variants Tata Indica e-Xeta GL price is around Rs 2,97,332, other variants like Tata Indica e-Xeta GLX would cost Rs 3,65,77, Tata Indica e-Xeta GLE and Tata Indica e Xeta GLS costs Rs 3,21,550 and Rs 3,41,056 (ex showroom price Mumbai). Now heading towards the LPG variants the price of Tata Indica e-Xeta GLE and Tata Indica e-Xeta GLS are Rs 3,46,417 and Rs 3,60,496 (ex showroom price Mumbai) respectively. Tata Motors includes a wide range of cars in its fleet ranges from Tata Nano, Tata Indica Vista, Tata Indigo, Tata Manza, Tata Safari, Tata Spacio, Tata Aria and Tata Sumo.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tata Aria 4X2 version likely to launch soon

Tata is the legendary car makers in Indian auto market. The company introduced different model cars in India and got huge response from the customers. Tata Motors India is planning to launch its new Sports Utility car at low price with the name of Tata Aria to give touch competition for the rest of the models in the market. Tata Aria Price is not yet announced and expecting with price hurtle of Rs.1lakh to 1.5 lakhs. Tata Aria Launch will be commenced in the second quarter of this financial year. Tata Aria is having different and gorgeous appearance. The car design and the glossy finish will surely attract the Indian car lovers.

Tata Aria
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The company is thinking to launch its 4x2 model sports utility car with low price to increase sales hugely. Tata is holding major share on sales of its wide range of cars in all the segments and moving to the first position in India. The exteriors are very attractive and the front head lamp design along with inbuilt indicators on it will give some different look for the car. The logo on the front grill with fog lights on the front of the bumper are the major attraction for the car. Superior ground clearance and exceptional color schemes with attractive graphics on it will give good feel. Excellent suspension system and the breaking system are upgraded on this car which will give pleasant and safety feeling. The interiors are impressive and spacious boot and second row will give homely feeling to the customer.

Tata Aria
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The dash board and the steering wheel are preloaded with advanced technologies. Super fine leather seats with comfortable seating, Air condition and heater is available on this car. Superior quality engine with super speed gear box is presented on this car for better performance. The rider and the customer will surely feel the thrilling riding experience on driving the car.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Tata Nano continues to be the cheapest cars across the globe

One of the Indian Automobile giant Tata Motors come with the cheapest car across the globe named as Tata Nano two years ago in 2009. Since after the launch this small car by Tata holds the position of number one in the category of small cars in India and now as per recent reports in Indian Automobile Industry Tata Nano is going to hold this position. As per latest developments once again Tata Nano also known as One lakh rupee car, is capped as the cheapest car among the list of cheap cars available in India.

Tata Nano
Earlier it was reported that alliance of Indian Automobile giant Bajaj Auto, Renault and Nissan were also thinking to deliver the cheapest car in the Indian market with an aim to pick up the first spot and claim the chair of royalty from Tata as cheapest car in India. If the reports are to be believed then the alliance of Bajaj-Renault-Nissan is chewing iron nuts as the issues are emerged between Renault-Nissan and Bajaj Auto in terms of quality and standards. Furthermore, commenting on the issue Marc Nassif, MD of global car maker Renault India gave an indication that company is planning to leave the project as the cars developed by the Bajaj Auto did not meet the standards set by the Renault-Nissan and company will search for another subsidiary in case Bajaj Auto doesn't maintain the quality.

Tata Nano
Commenting on this difference between their partners Bajaj Auto said that company will use the same platform which it used while designing a low priced four wheeler goods carrier. Worthwhile, seeing these issues between Bajaj Auto and Renault-Nissan, Tata Nano will still remain on the top position with its unique price tag. In India Tata Nano price is Rs 1,15,361 (ex showroom price delhi).