Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tata Nano faces opposition in Sri Lanka by auto drivers

The Tata Nano is the cheapest car in not only India but till a point in time was also in the world. Recently, Indian giant in car making, Tata Motors had launched this cheapest car in Sri Lanka. As Tata is looking to built the same charisma and maintain its reputation in Sri Lanka as it created in India. But all the hopes seems to be curdled as the Taxi drivers of Sri Lanka are not satisfied with this Tata Nano. Taxi drivers took a stand against the sales of Tata Nano in Sri Lanka as they held off the traffic and demanded the government of India to stop all Tata Nano cars to hit the roads. The reason behind this oppose is that Tata Nano is expected to bring the hard time to the three wheelers in the country. As Tata Nano cab services being offered in Sri Lanka are quite affordable and are quite similar to the 3 wheeler fares.

A taxi firm of Sri Lanka which is linked with a political party and using a force of Tata Nano. Over hundreds of taxi drivers has shown thumbs down to that firm and show their soreness while blocking certain parts for about an hour. In early June, Tata Nano is launched as less expensive car services, after this launch the president Mahinda Rajapaksa and a well known politician was catched in Tata Nano. It is assuming that if these Nano taxi services are enhanced in the country then the cab drivers will surely clock a overdraft in their business. Tata Nano price in Sri Lanka is Rs 3,81,204 (INR) and $8500 (Rs. 9,31,345 Sri Lankan Rupees). The price of Nano in Sri Lanka is three times the price in India.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tata Nano denuts in Nepal

Today, Tata Motors, one of the big giant in car manufacturing launched a small hatchback car named Tata Nano in Nepal. Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd., at 14 Sipradi owned and Sipradi authorised dealer showrooms will sale this hatchback car in Nepal. Mr. Johnny Oommen, Head – International Business commented on the introduction of Tata Nano that Tata Motors are much delighted to present the Tata Nano. Furthermore he stated that Tata is confident enough about its performance in Nepal and it is assumed that it will surely wins the heart of people of Nepal with its comfort, performance and manoeuvrability, Tata Nano is the ideal small car for customer’s of Nepal. Commenting on this launch Mr. Siddhartha Rana, Executive Chairman, Sipradi Trading Pvt.

Tata Nano
Ltd. Said that Sipradi is pleased to deliver small hatchback Tata Nano in Nepal. He also added that from today car buyers of Nepal will chalk up the benefit and joy of Tata Nano. The all new Tata Nano is very stylish in looks, and a feature-rich small car. The design concept and interiors of Tata Nano, the People's Car was laid out considering a typical Nepalese family in mind, which has a roomy passenger compartment with generous leg space and head room. The People's Car has a rear-wheel drive, all-aluminium, two-cylinder, 623 cc, 33 PS, multi point fuel injection petrol engine.

Tata Nano
The initial Tata Nano price in Nepal is NPR 7.98 lakhs. Bookings will be commence after 10 days. Tata Nano will be launched in three variants. The Nano Standard can be booked for NPR 10,000, the Nano CX for NPR 20,000 and the Nano LX for NPR 30,000. The EMI for the Tata Nano will be as low as NPR 11,111. Indica Xeta, Indica V2, Indica Vista, Indigo CS, Tata Manza, the Sumo and the Safari are the models which are available in the briefcase of Tata Motors.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Tata India sells whopping 4 lakh sedans

Tata Motors the name which does not require any specific introduction to introduce itself, the legendary auto manufacturing company known for its powerful and qualitative vehicles achieved one more milestone by selling the four lakh units of sedan cars in India. Launched in early 2000 the first sedan car Tata Indigo the story of success started still continues as after its launch Tata never looked back. Though various variants of sedan cars were launched in India and still there is huge array of such cars present in market but the magic of Tata Motors is still at peak.

The history of success created by Tata Indigo could not be achieved by any other car in the same segment till now and for this full initiative goes to the endeavours of Tata Motors. Launched in different variants with intercooler and turbocharger the main models from Tata Indigo were Tata Indigo CS with the TDI engine, Tata Indigo DICOR with CRDI engine, Tata Indigo XL with the DICOR engine and Tata Indigo CS with the DICOR engine. It would be important to mention there that Tata Indigo XL with DICOR engine was powered with powerful engine which generated the power of 100bhp.

The year 2009 brought the introduction of one more variant in the family of Tata Indigo. This new infant was named as Tata Manza Indigo. The notable feature of Tata Manza Indigo was that it was furnished with both diesel and petro engine. The introduction of Tata Manza in the fleet of Tata Indigo played an incredible role in carrying the success culture of Tata Indigo to the new heights and positioned Tata to stay in top positions in neck to neck with other competitor companies. The Tata Manza Price varies between Rs. 5,38,967/- to Rs. 7,57,990/- (ex-showroom price) depending upon the variant of Tata Manza Indigo.

Tata Manza Indigo comes equipped with both petrol and diesel engine, the petrol variant is embedded with 1368cc, 4 Cylinder, MPFI, Petrol engine powered by INTELLIGENT PORT RESIZER which generates 90PS of maximum power at 6000rpm and the maximum torque of 116 Nm at 4750rpm. The diesel variant comes with 1248cc, 4 Cylinder engine which generates the same power that is equivalent Common Rail Diesel engine which is capable of generating high performance supported by fuel efficiency and acceleration. Tata Manza comes in four models Tata Manza Aqua, Tata Manza Aura, Tata Manza Aura (ABS) and Tata Manza Aura Plus. All these models are embedded with features like Bluetooth connectivity, power outlets for charging laptops and other mobile devices, outdoor temperature sensor and high mount LED lamps.

Best wishes to Tata Motors.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tata Fiat JV in jeopardy

Fiat, an acronym for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, is an Italian Automobile manufacturer had made a tie up with Tata Motors to launch its cars in India. Tata India Chief Ratan Tata Admitted that this joint venture between Tata Motors and Fiat had not been as active as planned and it needed to be examined. There is a lack of co-ordination between both the giants. Tata Motors reported that company have a good relation with Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat, on the other hand the venture is not working and active as expected. Ratan Tata also pay stress on the need of launch of new cars in India by the Fiat.

Furthermore, Tata Motors Chief also said that Fiat has to launch more cars into the Indian market to keep dealers interested. It also has to look at its cost structure in terms of parts and components. As per reports Tata is going to check thoroughly the joint venture. Tata India also dwell on the need of fair play at the working level in order to make the partnership active. Along with this Tata also comments that the things are going well and the tempo of motion is not as expected and the prime motto behind this is the lack of co-oordination at working level. Anyhow, Tata made clear that the venture would go on and there is nothing wrong with the partnership.

The joint venture agreement between both the companies signed in 2007. Both companies had agreed to a joint distribution network and back-end support, besides co-manufacturing of products at the Ranjangaon facility near Pune. Recently, the partners decided to redraw distribution plans. In meanwhile Tata had sold Fiat cars in India at its own showroom but as compared to Tata cars Fiat is not become so popular like Tata cars. Recently, with an aim to access the Indian car market Fiat India has made his mind to deliver the Fiat cars in its own showroom in addition to the Tata showrooms in India. Fiat faces downfall in the sales of car by 14.81 per Sent last year. Fait could sell around 21,066 units in 2010-11 as compared to 24,727 units in last financial units.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tata Nano Diesel launch pushed further

Recently, an annual global press meet of German giant in manufacturing auto parts, Bosh was held in Germany, which is a prime producer and supplier of spare parts to Tata Motors for its Tata Nano. Rumors surrounds the aura regarding the forthcoming compact car Tata Nano diesel which is among the most awaited cars in India.

Tata Nano
As per the relevant sources, the press meet was held to publicize a bad news with respect to Bosch's recent project of small car Tata Nano diesel. It is also reported that the launch of Tata Nano diesel get delayed and it might not hit the Indian roads until 2013. Yet the the grounds for delay was not declared by the Bosch which is the producer of original equipment of common rail injection system. On the other hand this news will lead the lovers of Tata Nano to go for another brand car. Moreover, the new diesel cars make a entry in the Indian auto market which results in the decline of sales of Tata Nano petrol and it is expected to declined more. According to the reports Hyundai and Genera Motors India are rising there share in the Indian car market as they are going to come out with small diesel cars which will compete Maruti Alto in coming months. So in order to increase its share Tata India looking forward to deliver Tata Nano diesel as soon as possible.

Tata Nano
In addition to this for Tata Nano, Bosh is also producing a cost effective power steering, which will more fitted for the fairer sex. It is also noted that Tata Nano is currently the cheapest car in India and utilizing the rack and pinion system. With the new power steering system it is expected that new diesel variant Tata Nano price will come ten thousand rupee more than normal version. Furthermore as per recent source, Bosch has not yet disclosed that by what time this new power steering is going to be added in Tata Nano.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tata sedan cars touch sales figure of 4 lakhs

Tata Motors, one of the major player in the car making in India is feeling the vibes of joy and happiness and why not ! As its the time for celebration for Tata. Tata Motors has just passed on the mammoth figure of four lakh in the sales of sedan cars in India. Tata Indigo is the first sedan car in the country by the Tata India which was launched in the year 2000. And since after that Tata Motors never look back regarding the sales of cars in India. There are numerous kind of sedan cars launched in the Indian market but Tata confirms that its sedan car is the most popular as it made an impressive sales, which is a big reason of celebration.

Tata Indigo sedan car truly deserved all the success it got. Tata also came up with many more models such as Tata Indigo with intercooler and turbocharger, Indigo CS with the TDI engine, Indigo DICOR with CRDI engine, Indigo XL with the DICOR engine and Indigo CS with the DICOR engine. Among these models Indigo XL with the DICOR engine had a very responsible petrol engine which is capable of generating a power of 100 bhp.

With an aim to enhance its fleet of cars in India Tata Motors India introduced new Tata Manza in the year of 2009. Tata Manza launched in two variants that is with petrol engine and with diesel engine. Since after the launch Tata Indigo Manza assists Tata Motors in accelerating the sales of Tata cars by five lakh units. This sedan car is competitively priced between Rs 5.14 lakh to Rs 5.91 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). The new member in the Tata family has been loaded with a lot of premium comfort and safety features.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tata Manza clocks an incredible mileage of 46.33 km per litre

Tata India is the legendary automobile manufacturing company in India. The company launched various models of cars with good fuel efficiency. Recently one Model from this company Tata Manza created a record with an hard to believe mileage of 46.33 kilometers per liter. Mr. Narayanan Menon, Managing Director of Aromen Engineering college has achieved this mileage with his owned car of Tata Manza on the month of May 2011. Mr. Narayana him self is an Mechanical Engineer said that this magic feet is done by the blend of good car maintenance and driving. Tata Manza price in India starts at Rs. 5,34,473.

Tata Manza Features are extra ordinary. This model is packed with different variants in Safire engine for petrol variant and Quadrajet engine for diesel. This models are having advanced technologies like Bluetooth connectivity and power slots for mobile and laptops charging, Effective LED lamps and outdoor temperature sensor. The interiors are covered with fine leathers and the exteriors are improved with a attractive graphics, along with the chrome finished door handles. Tata Manza is very attractive from the front view with its logo on grille at front which gives an impression of Truth and faith. Head light design and the rear lamps design is fantastic.

Tata Manza is in both variants of Petrol and diesel. The petrol engine on this models comes with a 1368cc MPF1 technology along with four cylinder are packed. This engine can able to deliver its maximum power of 90PS at 6000 rpm and the maximum torque of 116NM at 4750 rpm. Tata Manza Diesel powered by 1248cc with 4 cylinder along with common rail technology. This engine can able to produce a maximum power of 90 ps at 4000 rpm and the maximum torque of 200Nm at 1750 to 3000 rpm. These two variant models are good at fuel efficiency.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yet another Tata Nano flames up

Tata Nano is the cheapest car which is released by Tata Company in to the Indian car market. The company wants to dictate the small car industry with its car. Tata Nano India stand in news on the safety of this small car. Tata Nano caught in fire at different places of India after that the company resolved the problem of the car. The company changed its electric system and exhaust system on this small car for the not to get any complaint about the fire incident.

The Tata Motors India didn’t recall this small car, recalled by the other companies. The company has not got any problem for the last year now again the company stands on the news with same defect.
Small car industry is increasing day by day in India. Most of the Indian customers want to by small at low price. Tata Company makes middle class people dreams by introducing its small and cheapest car in to the market. The car features are good and the fuel efficiency of the car is very high. The car is very suitable for the Indian bumpy roads. Tata Nano can able to move very easily on the traffics and even in small streets too.

Tata Nano specifications are excellent. The engine of 623cc can able to give much power which is upgraded by a high quality manual transmission gear box. The fuel efficiency of this small car is minimum 21.97 kmpl which is the most fuel efficiency car in the Indian market. Now all the legendary companies are planning to dump its hatchback cars in to the Indian small car market. Tata Nano can reach the standards of the Bharat Stage III and international standards like Euro IV. Tata Nano Reviews are presented on the internet and attracting small car lovers.

Sales of Tata's sedan cars reached a mammoth figure of 4 lakh.

Its time for India's big player in car manufacturing Tata to celebrate as Tata Motors India just reached the mammoth figure of 4 lakh in terms of sales of sedan cars in India. Tata Motors launch their first sedan car in India was Tata Indigo in early 2000's. And after that launch Tata never look back in terms of cars in India. Tata Motors launched a huge number of sedan cars in India since their launch in the year 2000, though Tata ensures that their sedan made an outstanding sales and this impressive sales give them one reason to celebrate.

On the other hand, as the Tata's Indigo sedan car sales is concerned, it surely deserved all the success it got. Tata has introduced many more models of Indigo which include Tata Indigo with intercooler and turbocharger, Indigo CS with the TDI engine, Indigo DICOR with the CRDI engine, Indigo XL with the DICOR engine and Indigo CS with the DICOR engine. The model Indigo XL with the DICOR engine generates the power pf 100 bhp with its responsible petrol engine. The new Tata Indigo XL is the longest indian car in the respective segment in every aspect.

In order to enhance the Indigo range in India Tata Motors launched a new car name Tata Manza in the year 2009. Tata Manza was launched in two versions mainly petrol variant and diesel variant. Since after the launch Tata Indigo manza cross the figure of 5 lakh units in India which surely helps to accelerate the sales of Tata cars in India. Furthermore if reports are to be believed then within time span of ten months, company is expected to launch its old car models added with new and vibrant features.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tata Motors India to roll out retouched versions of popular cars

Tata Company is a famous company and has launched massive models in to the Indian automotive market. The company is having a large number of customers throughout India. The Tata Company is thinking to instigate its lots of its old model cars with making changes in its features. The wide range of models which are already popular in the earlier days are ready to hit the Indian roads with its advanced features. Tata Motors India is offering its car price in very reasonable with this reason the company has become most popular in Indian market.

Tata Safari

Tata Company is planning to update its previous model cars like New Safari, Tata Manza, and Tata Indica Vista with refreshment technologies. The company is planning to launch these models with in ten months. The company is also planning to make changes in the two wheeler like Tata Aria. Small cars in India are becoming most popular and Tata company is popular with its small car at low price The TATA NANO is also ready to upgrade its technology. Mainly the Tata company cars are popular with its attractive looks with its interior and exterior too. The company design of is very suitable for the Indian roads. The breaking system of the car and the suspension will give more comfort for the customers on the bumpy Indian roads. Tata Motors cars will surely compete with the Sedan cars in Indian market.

Tata Aria

Tata Safari is one of the most popular models from the company in the earlier days. This model is attracted the Indian customers with its stylish design of the body and the engine pickup. Now the company decided to upgrade this model by making some changes with its interior and exteriors too. The company is planning to launch lowest price model in two wheels Tata Aria to hold its share and expecting high from these models. With all these Tata Company is preparing to grab a huge share in Indian auto market.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tata Nano debuts in Sri Lankan market

After throned as the cheapest car in India Tata Nano takes one step further in making it the most popular car across the world on Sunday. Tata Nano is now available in Sri Lanka also. This export of Nano to Sri Lanka is the first structural export of the car after the launch of car in March 2009. The Tata Nano price in Sri Lakan auto market is three times much than the price of Nano in Indian market. In addition to this Tata Nano is launched in Sri Laka at the base price of 9,25,000 Sri Lakan Rupees that is equivalent to $ 8486 which is $ 3,000 more to the Indian price of Nano. In India Tata Nano is termed as the cheapest car in India.

Tata Nano

An official of Dimo, the Colombo agent for Tata affirms that booking for the release of first 500 cars of Tata Nano which are imported from India is already started. In addition to this he also said that the high import duties and local taxes are the main reasons of this higher price of Tata Nano in Sri Lanka. MD Tata Motors India, Mr. P.M. Telang comments that company is planning to export the India's most popular car to many other countries and surely this plan get into work within next few years.

Tata Nano

As per reports rumors are their that Tata Nano is going to launch a high-end deluxe version of Tata Nano in European market. Along with the safety this new version seems to be composed of a large number of equipments for providing comfort and convenience. At a production unit of Tata at Sanand in Gujarat the new Tata Nano Deluxe is under development and as soon as the development phase gets over and production speed tracks with normal speed it will be launched and exported to Europe.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tata Nano remains on top spot in the rating of cheapest cars in India.

In the category of cheap cars in India Tata Nano will surely stay at number one position as per the recent reports in the Indian Automobile Industry. Among the availability of cheap cars in India recently Tata Nano gets the top position. Insolently Tata Nano is also known as 1lakh rupee car. Rumors are there with an ambition to stake out the chair of royalty of Tata Nano the alliance of Bajaj auto, Renault and Nissan were developing and planning to come in cheapest car category.

Tata Nano

If the internal sources are believed then Nissan and Renault, alliance of Bajaj Auto are chewing the iron nuts because of the difference in terms of quality and standards. Marc Nassif, Managing Director of Renault added to this that Bajaj Auto is not developing cars upto their standards and its not essential that company bargain for the cars developed by Bajaj auto as Renault have no fling with Bajaj auto. MD of global car maker Renault India signifies that they will go for something else if Bajaj auto will not able to develop cars according to their standards.

Tata Nano

Its not the first time when there is a non conformity between the partners earlier also this kind of differences are seen among the Nissan group and Bajaj Auto. Nissan also had some issues on the joint project with bajaj. But, Bajaj denies all the reports on issues and show no signs of discomposure. Company states that Bajaj has designed and developed a low priced four-wheeler goods carrier, and the same design is being used in the manufacturing of cars. Worthwhile these non conformities and differences between partners helps Tata Nano, and Tata Nano price will remain at at the lowest price of cars in India.

Tata Nano

Recently Tata launched two new cars,they are Tata Indica Vista and Tata Manza, Tata Indica Vista price is Rs 3,87,004 where as new sedan car Tata Manza price is betwwen Rs 5.14 lakh to Rs 5.91 lakh (ex showrrom in Delhi). In this series of new cars in small segment Mahindra also goig to launch its new small segment car Mahindra Xylo Mini. Mahindra Xylo Mini Pirce is expected to be around Rs 5-7 lakh.