Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tata Nano soon to zoom to bordering countries.

Tata Nano the wonder car will zoom to the neighbouring countries right in the middle of its accelerating sales. Tata Motors from sometime was struggling with the sales figures of Tata Nano but with the new marketing strategies and unbelievable schemes the mini car is climbing the sales ladder once again. And to picture it perfect the makers have decided that Tata Nano will be exported to the near by border countries. As per the reliable sources, Tata Nano will be launched in the auto markets of Sri Lanka, Thailand and Bangladesh. It is being assumed that the mini wonder will be imported in the later part of 2011.

Tata Nano
Carl-Peter Forster, Tata Motors - Chief Executive Officer was present at an auto mobile event in Bochum, Germany, confirmed the Tata Nano's is planning to expand on its sales. He disclosed that the strategy Tata Motors will use is to move in these respective auto markets step by step. It will first enter one market and then to the other. But he also added an important point while saying that Tata Nano still needs polishing for the international auto markets. Such as the car will go under some changes to suit the needs and requirements of the auto sector there. Mr Foster, also said that Tata Nano is expected to accelerate its sales from 6,000 to 7,000 at present to 8,000 to 10,000. The sudden increase in sales can be credited to the schemes the auto company has introduced such as 100 per cent finance to its customers.

Tata Nano
Tata Nano shares a very interesting story in the auto sector which probably no other vehicle has. It started off with a dream to bestow each and everyone with a car. When introduced Tata Nano created a buzz accelerating sales, everyones loving the technology and then the down turn in sales due to various safety accidents. Then again thriving back to attain its position. Last November when Tata Nano sale was 509 units it was all around that probably it is the end of the wonder machine but with its ales picking up the very next month which was 5,784 it again raised everyone's eyebrows.

Tata NanoNew cars to look forward to this year include Maruti Kizashi, Volvo S60, Nissan Sunny, Maruti Cervo, Hyundai Avante, Toyota Etios Liva and Honda Brio.
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Tata Nano majestically designed.

Tata Nano the household name which has always attracted everyones attention. For middle class if it became its first car others just brought it for its technology. Tata Nano has helped many car enthusiast to fulfill its dream to own a car. The car has been an inspiration for many recently a new instance can be quoted is Singaporean based art group has designed Tata Nano and has made the small wagon a total funk car to drive in. Those who were looking for the pep chance in the wonder car it is their option. Ketna Patel an established name among the artist in Singapore and Now Indigo Blue Art, Singapore art gallery will showcase its art via People's Car Tata Nano. The newly pep designed car will be showcased in the Indian Art Summit show which is already going on. It started yesterday and will continue for three days (20th till 23rd January, 2011) in the capital at Pragati Maidan. The painted version was unveiled at 1 pm yesterday.

Tata NanoKetna Patel has created an imagery art has been put on Tata Nano in Mosais style by SICIS, an international fame in Mosaics. This beautiful mix of Tata Nano and art truly exhibits the union of pure art, technology and practicality. The art is a col-large which reflects the true recognition of Indian streets its crowd but bundle of energy. The car has been embellished with moments from the streets of India which seems to be alive. The artist has truly mounted the true picture of the stuffy streets which includes the enthusiast, passer bys and the little kiosks. The living moments are well designed by the artist and probably the Indian origin might have helped her for this.

Tata NanoThe painted version of Tata Nano comes with a slogan of “Stop! Indians Ahead”. It seems so true this wonder car has touched the hearts of masses which they feel so much part of themselves. The car is rightly placed for the middle class buyers but if this is the new format the company will launch the car it will surely magnet youngsters and art lovers. Though, the car for sometime faded from the domestic auto market but now it is back with the bang to show the world what it owns.

Tata NanoNew cars to look forward to this year include Maruti Kizashi, Toyota Etios Liva, Honda Brio, Maruti Cervo and Nissan Sunny.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tata Nano diesel version coming soon.

Tata Nano diesel version yes its true! Tata Motors has set the stage for the all new diesel version for its wonder car again aiming to sky rocket its car sales. It is expected to be an excellent option for those who are looking forward for a low priced fuel efficient car.

Tata NanoTata Nano diesel variant is assumed to be powered with 600 to 700 cc mill. Well Tata Nano is expected to come with an increased price tag compared with the petrol version. Currently the wonder car comes with a price tag starting from Rs 1,15,361 - Rs 1,88,513 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). Tata Nano small powertrain turbo system, it is also known that the mini wagon will sport super small Bosch Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi) system. Fev, AVL and Ricardo are the various different partners for its diesel mill project. Tata Nano will be the smallest and cheapest car which will be available in the domestic car market. It is being highly speculated that Tata Nano will enter the Indian sector by September, 2011. The small car will be the only car available in this price band in the A segment which offers Maruti 800 petro version and in A segment which offers Maruti Alto.

Tata NanoTata Nano was launched with the aim to help the families who can not afford four wheelers and has to manage on their two wheelers. The dream of its makers was in making which rightly captured the domestic auto market. When launched in 2009, the car faced great uproar and due to that it had to shift its manufacturing unit to Gujarat. In the first year while it was enjoying high sales in the Indian auto market, suddenly, there were news which related to the mini cars safety issues, as various incidents of the mini car catching fire was reported.

Tata NanoBut now it is again catching up demand in the Indian auto market thanks to its new marketing strategy which it has introduced. Tata Nano new model comes with a four year warranty, added safety features which they are also offering on the already rolled out cars.

Tata NanoNew cars to look forward to this year include Maruti Kizashi, Maruti Cervo, Audi A8, Nissan Sunny, Toyota Etios Liva and Honda Brio.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

50% jump in manufacturing of Tata Nano in January.

Tata Motors is India's one of the largest Automobile company. Tata motors discovered India's first inexpensive car, Tata Nano which it is a rear engined, four passenger city car and aimed primarily at the Indian domestic market. It is the world's cheapest car at this point. Tata motors began its sale with 1 lakh in March 2009,a tiny price tag for a tiny car.

Tata NanoTata Motors increased the production in January, the reason behind is the fast offtake of the world's cheapest car last month. Through sources, it is speculated that the company will now make 300 Tata Nano a day that means 50% more than 200 a day in December. The target that has been set by the company is 15,000 units by march that is almost double of the August's 2010 production(7739 units) the decision to scale up the production comes from the deficit supply over demand of Tata Nano.

Tata NanoTata used excellent marketing strategies like attractive finance schemes, costumer service to push up sales. Tata Motars Nano picked up in market in December because of the high demand. After taking to CEO of Delhi dealership it has been concluded that by the dealership employee scheme the company will certainly reach its target customer.The scheme allows employees of dealerships, earning just between Rs12,000-15,000 a month.

Tata NanoApart from Tata Nano, Tata motors also expecting good sales of its other cars like Tata Indica, Tata Indigo etc..

Monday, January 10, 2011

Tata Venture launched in Rajasthan

Tata is one of the strong player in automobile industry and now it is coming up with its new multipurpose diesel powered utility vehicle, Tata Venture in Rajasthan, with the price range of Rs 4.05 lakh to 5.07 lakh.

Tata VentureInitially Tata Venture is launched in Rajasthan and will shortly be introduced in different cities. The interior of the car is comfortable and with ample amount of space but the exterior shows that it is a compact car.

Tata VentureAfter talking to Tata motors head, Marketing and Sales S Saxena it was figured out that Tata's venture has excellent safety as well as luxury features, it is concluded that it is a perfect family car and 8 person can easily accommodate in it.

Tata Venture
In domestic auto sector Tata Venture has proved to be the best, economical and buyer friendly van with collapsible steering wheel and side impact beams.
Tata Venture is employed with power steering, power window, reverse parking, key less entity. The car is available in 5 bright colors and its setting arrangement is divided in three rows facing front. The company is expecting good response from Rajasthan's auto market.

Tata VentureThe van has a 1.4 turbo diesel engine which has the capability of rendering the maximum power of 71 ps that results in great fuel efficiency as compared to other vans available in the domestic auto market. By the certification of ARAI the new Tata's Venture offers a mileage of 15.42kmpl.

New cars to look forward to this year include Audi A8, Maruti Kizashi, Hyundai Avante, Maruti Cervo, Toyota Etios Liva and Honda Brio.