Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tata Nano recalled for starter Motor

Tata Nano is getting a brand new starter motor. Tata India has made this move of installing new motors in the Nano which are running on the roads. The company has informed about 50,000 customers and they have successfully installed the starter motor in these cars. There is information that there are still about 65,000 customers left who are being contacted to get their rides a new motor. The motor which is being placed in the car is a vendor product and it’s installed without any changes to the external design. This operation of Tata started in the month of October this year and the people have actively taken part in this operation. The new motor is working great and the overall car performance has improved.

The newly developed Nano in the year 2012 will be available with this new starter motor. The new Nano coming to the markets are improved and are also available in new range of colors. The interiors of the car have been improved and a new gasoline engine is installed in the car. This new engine gives out maximum power of 38 BHP which was earlier 35BHP only and 51Nm torque which was only 48 Nm earlier. The fuel efficiency of the car has been increased to 25.4 kmpl which has made it more appreciated in the Indian markets.

The new Nano model comes with enhanced handling as the car comes with an improved suspension system. There is a new anti-roll bar in front and a more simpler steering system making the control further simpler. Tata Motors have really worked hard to make their customers happy. And according to surveys it is visible that the Nano owners have been very active and they have suggested a number of modifications which are being adapted by the Tata team to make its customers more happy and improve Nano resulting in the increase of its sales.

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