Friday, May 6, 2011

Tata Nano likely to debut in Pakistan

World's cheapest car, Tata Nano introduced by Tata Motors India now plans to bring the same in Markets of Pakistan. A well established Pakistani company has shown interest in importing cars from India including Tata Nano. It seems to become true only if the two countries come out from restriction imposed on trade policies.

Tata Nano

A recent report describes that a Pakistani business house - International Multi Group of Companies (IMGC) had earlier also shown their interest in bringing CNG buses to their country. As per the statement of IMGC Global Chairman Amjad Rashid, they have already sent a letter to Tata Group of Motors regarding recreation in their CNG buses. If this goes well they are further interested in bringing Tata Nano to their country.

Tata NanoMini car Tata Nano, a symbol of most economical car till the time can be soon seen drive on the roads of our neighbor, Pakistan if trade Collaborating issues gets solved by the government of both the companies. If look at the present criteria of Pakistan's trade policy, vehicles have to compulsorily be assembled in the country and further reserve Bank of India do not allow investments and joint partnership in Pakistan. Resources reveals that Mr. Rashid had already raised these issues with Indian Commerce Secretary Rahul Khullar during his voyage to Islamabad a month back when he assured to cease all these trade restrictions.

Tata Nano
If all the trade constraints among India and Pakistan gets solved Tata Nano price and Tata Nano features in the neighbor country will remain almost synonymous with the ones delivered at the Indian markets. The Tata Nano is awaited to be brought in Pakistan, with an annual turnover of USD 200 million.

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