Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tata Nano to start a manufacturing plant in Indonesia

Tata Nano plans to set up a facility in Indonesia After the success of Tata Nano in India, the Indian automobile giant Tata Motors are now planning to start a manufacturing unit in Indonesia and this facility is equipped with a line to manufacture 50,000 units in a year. At present the feasibility checks are being made to establish the plant in Jakarta.

Tata NanoIf the plan works out successfully then this would make Tata Motors a strong player in neighboring auto markets of Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. Tata Motors manufacturing unit in Thailand is used for the production of Tata Xenon and Tata Ace and now a plant solely dedicated for Tata Nano in Indonesia will provide Tata Motors with a strong hold in the unexplored markets to reap excellent results for this small car. After a downturn, Nano has again started picking up sales and that too in great numbers.

Tata NanoTata Motors has doubled their manufacturing capacity to meet with rising demand. Tata Motors has followed different marketing strategies to increase the sales of Nano which includes targeting specific markets in the small car segment, advertising and rolling out attractive offers with financing schemes. The result of good marketing strategy is the growing demand because of which the company is in the process of owing a plant in Indonesia to meet with the growing demands. Tata Motors will not reserve the Indonesian Nanos for consumption of the local market.

Tata NanoExports to countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines can be a possible outcome. Tata Motors might be banking on the huge population in these countries where a low cost car has good potential. This plan is said to be completed and take a definite shape in the fiscal year 2013. Once Tata Motors gets hold of the production of Tata Nano, the company will also start manufacturing Tata Ace side by side. Currently Tata Motors has asked for the quotations by various key suppliers from Indonesia. Some have already visited India for the same and many other suppliers are supposed to make their trips soon.

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