Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tata Motors swings into the quarterly profit

India's leading car marker, Tata Motors, reported yesterday, it had swung to a consolidated quarterly Net profit. Company helped by its premium car Jaguar and Land Rover for better performance. Earlier, Tata Motors has taken a net loss of 9.41 billion rupees. But against last year, the company totaled profit 217.8 million rupees(4.65 million dollars) for the quarter ending of September. Company statement said, we fell revenues 8.2 per cent to 211 billion rupees for the second quarter of the upcoming fiscal.


Tata Motors had bought Jaguar and Land Rover in 2.3 billion dollars from US Ford Motor in last year. But the luxurious cars sales were badly rolled out in the critical situation by the global financial year. The Jaguar and Land Rover cars was posted a strong business by the operating profit in the quarter. "the company said. It has given a boosted performance in Indian Market. Indian Operation's net profit in the three months 7.29 billion rupees(156 million dollars) more than doubled to September from 3.47 billion rupees a year earlier. As per the Mumbai Stock exchange report, Tata Motors shares closed down 0.84 per cent(5.35 rupees). Some other companies are planning to introduce new cars like Volkswagen ready to launch a new Volkswagen Beetle in India. On the other hand, Mitsubishi going to be launched a new Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X in Indian Market.

Friday, November 27, 2009

EcoCa set to challenge Tata Nano with a new cheapest car

EcoCa, a small engineering and design company in London, is planning to challenge Tata Nano with a news cheaper car. It's introducing a 340cc petrol and two-seater car with a lower price that is $2,200 (Rs.1-lakh). Karman M Naghdi, MD of EcoCa, told 'we have know that India is a profitable market to achieve a price target Rs.1 lakh, which will help us to make a healthy profit amount. A few carmakers of India have also shown interest to evaluate model of their car for fuel efficiency, safety standard and performance. While Mr. Naghdi declined to expose the name of company with which EcoCa is in talks. An Auto Industry Executive familiar with the development said, Mahindra & Mahindra could be one of the companies. However, M&M official refused for such a development. Mahindra said, we keep getting offer for product development and technology, which we established practice for value.

Tata Nano

Mr. Naghdi said, company plans to apply low-cost manufacturing cars base to keep the price down for both domestic and global markets in India. Developed and impressed with investment of around 8 million pound (Rs 60 crore) and the iconic Volkswagen Beetle respectively, the new cheapest small car EcoCa comes with convertible roof and automatic gearbox. It means there would be no need to change gears. The model has made of high strength ABS plastic and lightweight, there are good actioning impact, chemicals or heat. Nano's weight 635Kg too high against New EcoCa only 330kg and presenting a fuel economy of EcoCa is 27-28 km/litre of petrol against Nano's 23.6 km/litre, mileage claims has given by the test conditions. EcoCa has a top speed of 70kmph, too much low than Tata Nano's 103 kmph. Mr. Maghdi claimed that the company may produce the new car's chassis and body only in 24 minutes.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tata Motors Sanand plant to be operational by the fiscal end

Tata Motors Ltd, small cars manufacturing company, will shift its manufacture facility from Singur which stay in West Bengal to Sanand plant in Gujarat. Tata Nano production beginning from the last quarter of the current fiscal, sanand Plant owing to a tiff protest from the locals there, company has officially enclosed it. Sanand will start to roll out it's small cars from the next fiscal. The company has announced that it's manufacturing facility taken by the Pantnager plant in Uttarakhand, there are 3000-4000 Nano cars manufactured per month.

Tata Nano

The company had said, Tata Nano's new factory at Sanand will have initial capacity of 250,000 cars per year, company may ramped up it to 350,000 cars per year at a due date. Tata Motors' motive is to catch the full capacity usage within six to eight months. The company shares closed with rise of 1.11 per cent, Rs.649.55 on Monday. The share market price have flow very much over past three months, recent levels are rising over 40 per cent Rs.457.75 on August 24th 2009. Volkswagen Auto manufacturing company also announced date of new Volkswagen Beetle, it will introduce on 4th dec,2009. On the other hand, Mitsubishi will launch a sequel model of Lancer, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Tata Indica Vista EV project moving ahead

Tata Motors is planning to start an electric car project worth Rs 160 crore in Norway and Scandinavian markets. The company is sure that the project will turn advantageous within four years of starting production. Tata Motors electric project involve bringing the car, electric Tata Indica Vista, in Norway from semi-knocked down kits imported from India. Tata Indica vista's electric variant might come soon, but no official announcement to roll out a new electric variant in India.

Tata Indica Vista EV

With help of lithium-ion batteries to make a faster and peppier of new Tata Indica Vista electric powered variant, it better than the petrol and diesel variants, which are available in India. It's maximum power 74 bhp at 4000 rpm and 190 Nm of torque and the car will have top speed of 151 kmph. Tata Motors European Technical center has designed and developed the New Tata Indica Vista electric vehicle.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

New successor of Tata Motors: search is on

The Chairman of the one of the India's largest auto group empire and most respected Ratan Naval Tata is looking for a successor. Ratan Tata,71, is considering for retirement. The most respected businessperson, Ratan Tata, quits the chairman post, it would ring the curtain down on an era. Chairman of Tata group has got many achievements in the Tata group history. Tata group is the winner of numerous awards and recognition. During the time, success of Tata group in which some of the more outstanding were Tata Steel's acquisition of dutch steel major Corus in 2007, Tata Motors took over Jaguar Land Rover people's car, also Tata Motors produced a common man's Tata Nano car in the price range of Rs 1 lakh.

Tata Motors

According to the wall street journal, the search process for Tata's successor, Ratan Tata said that Tata group has appointed advisor to make a business out of India looking for successor, with the unity and the group's system hopefully would carry on the path, also company management has tried to set for the growth. According to analysts, the successor would come from within the Tata administration or outside. Tata Group's major post would be replaced by an inside or outsider.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tata Nano competitors to launch a low cost Car soon

Mahindra Renault, Nissan Auto and Indian partner Bajaj Auto have made a plan to introduce a ULC (Ultra Low cost) car in 2012. Tata Motors competitors will launch a low cost cars against Tata Nano. Nano is the world's cheapest car. Carlos Ghosn, president and chief executive of two car-makers country (French & Japanese), said the new ULC car will also consume less fuel than any other four-wheeler on the urban roads.

Mahindra Renault-Nissan

The Indian market is going to be one of the largest in the Ultra cost cars segment, said Ghosn adding, we want to make sure that whatever, we do, and we do it right. The success of the Nissan auto and Mahindra Renault car in the market is phenomenal. The global share of its cars is 10 per cent and 1 per cent in India. Ghosn expected Indian car market will grow more than four times to 6 million in 10 years. He said Bajaj Auto would complete design, manufacturing and sourcing of the ULC car, while marketing would be handled by Mahindra Renault-Nissan Auto.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tata Motors to produce 200 Nano cars per day from March 2010

Tata Motors is targeting about 200 Nanos delivery daily from the Sanand factory by March, 2010. It's going to fast test production. According to local supplier has been asked to company for supply components that would be production of 200 Nanos cars per day. The company has made a plan for test production 50 to 60 cars a day from January 2010. At present, the company is working on Tata Nano engine. The plant will have a yearly capacity of 350,000 units. The plant will be operational in the last quarter of the current year.

Tata Nano

Tata Motors plant to introduce 72,000 to 80,000 cars from Sanand factory in Ahmadabad in the financial year 2010. Tata Nano production is likely to be increased by August next year. Tata Nano's are currently produced from its Pantnager facility in Uttarakhand. There are 100 to 120 Nanos being assembled per day with engine produced in Pune.

Tata Motors had clued a couple of months back that its pantnager plant will produce 4,000 units from the present 2500 to 3000 cars a month. The company has delivered, so far, 75,000 cheapest Tata Nano cars from July, 2009. Tata Motors has booked advance order of around 200,000 Nanos. By the earlier schedule, the company was to deliver 100,000 Nanos to allottees by last quarter of 2010 and rest of 55,000 other cars will be delivered within two years from the date of allotment.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tata Motors to set up a EV unit in Europe

Tata Motors is planing to build a assembly facility for electric vehicles in Europe. According to Dow Jones Newswire's report a unit to be build by end of this year. The company planned for assembly capacity 5,000 electric cars easy to shift and company has also planned for UK, Spain and Norway.

Clive Hickman, Tata Motors chief executive from Tata Motors European Technical Center, quoted by saying that we don't need to build a full plant for electric cars, because the body, wheels and all interiors will be sent from India to the plant. He added that the company have to install the electric motors and the battery pack into the electric vehicle.

Tata Motors

On the other hand, the carmaker also plans to hit 2,000 electric cars on Spanish road by end of the next year, also to set up 546 points for electricity charging of vehicle in Madreid. Clive Hickman said that we did not plan to invest for the electric vehicle facility. The plant will assemble Tata's Indica vista passenger car and ACE light commercial vehicle versions respectively.

Tata Motors will use lithium ion batteries produced by it's Norwegian Miljo unit for electric vehicle in assembly plant and electric motors of Canadian company TM4 will also be used, according to reports.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tata ready to launch Xover in Auto Expo Jan, 2010

Tata Motors is ready to launch most awaited "Tata Xover" in Auto Expo January 2010 in New Delhi. It's sports utility vehicle(SUV) comes with seven passengers seats in three rows. Tata Xover will challenge rivals such as Toyota Innova, Chevrolet Tavera and Mahindra Xylo. All rivals doing well (Toyota Innova, Mahindra Xylo, Chevrolet Tavera) in the country. But the New Tata Xover will give a stiff competition. Tata Xover price is expected between Rs 6 to 8 lakhs and company feels that it will fill the gap in its products offering.

Tata Xover

According to the company, the Tata Xover will commercially available in the first half of the next year. Company claimed that it will be a winner in its segment, because it boasts of a newly designed engine, Air bags for safety purpose, ABS System, navigation system and many additional features. Tata will present it as a family purpose vehicle which allows people to go outdoors in sports activities like tours and long drive. Now, Tata Motors is in final phase for launch it. Tata Motors is planning to showcase it in Auto Expo 2010 which is to be held in Delhi.